Access Control Systems

Are Your Entrances and Exits Blowing Huge Holes In Your Bank Account?

Most property and business owners/managers concentrate their security and surveillance efforts on internal areas, such as, office space, manufacturing area, and loading docks. But when items are stolen from a property they are removed, in most cases, through the doors.

Millions and millions of dollars of stolen goods move through commercial and industrial doors, in America, each and every year and the sad fact is that many property and business owners/managers do not monitor their own entrances and exits to see what kind of activity is taking place…What a BIG mistake!

Access control systems monitor the passage of persons, vehicles, or materials through entrances and exits of a building or protected areas via an electronic-based secure control system.

Most access control systems grant or deny access based on one or more of the following:

  • A number entered on a keypad
  • The encoded information of an access control card by a card reader
  • A biometric attribute (common examples: retinal, finger, face scanning)

Here are some benefits associated with access control:

Enhancement of Personal Safety
By limiting the access into work areas and parking facilities to authorized individuals only, the possibilities of assault or accidents are greatly reduced, especially during off hours and at night.

Respond Immediately to Incidents
Monitor all entries and exits throughout the facility and respond automatically to emergencies and to forced or unauthorized entry into protected areas.

Asset Protection
Different facilities have many different types of assets to protect ranging from materials to intellectual property.

Increased Employee Productivity
Your employees will only be allowed access into the work areas where their presence can benefit the organization.

Protect Multi-Tenant Building
To protect your residents, They can be granted access to certain areas and floors, while unwanted guests and intruders will be denied access. Each tenant can also receive an individual report for their floor or suite.

Reduction of Security Costs
By utilizing an access control system, you can supplement of replace security guard services with the more cost effective access system.

Improve Accountability
You can quickly and easily monitor all activities within your facility and analyze system reports for compliance to policies and procedures, effectiveness of access privileges, and any changing security needs.

Reduction of Utility Costs
You can save a lot of money on your energy bills by utilizing the access control system to regulate your heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and other equipment.

Elevator Control
You can allow or restrict access to use of the elevator or to any one floor or group of floors while free access could be given to other floors.

Deletion of Replacement of Cards
Unlike a conventional key system, a lost or stolen card can be quickly replaced and voided in one single operation.

Video Surveillance/CCTV Integration
You can integrate your Video Surveillance/CCTV system with an access control system. Video camera(s) can be activated by a card or keypad to send a signal to a monitor giving positive verification of a person or vehicle.

Don’t Let Your Entrances and Exits Blow Hug Holes In Your Bank Account!
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