When it comes to technology there is no question that it is everywhere. However, did you know that there are actually a number of tech gadgets that can actually increase the security of your home or business? If not, check out some of the latest and greatest gadgets that are now available to help keep you safe.

A Barking Dog Alarm
If you are looking for that German Shepard effect – minus the bite marks – then this is definitely the device for you. When the alarm is triggered it will give off the sound of a vicious guard dog that would definitely send any would-be intruder running for the hills. Guard-Mat
A Guard-Mat
This is an innovative little device that will send a wireless signal to a chiming unit whenever someone steps on it. This is ideal for anyone who may want an extra notification of someone entering the house.

Security can be fun, as seen with the gadgets highlighted here. If you are ready to add a little tech to your security system, then these gadgets will help you do just that!