Automation was one of the biggest stars in the latest Consumer Electronics Show. There were a number of big names touting their new products, which led to a bit of confusion about what was the best out there. However, the fact is there is one clear trend to the future of home security and efficiency and that is automation.

Believe it or not, this picture ofSmart Clothing home automation is more focused on the practical rather than the luxurious. Rather than the futuristic idea that all your appliances and devices will work together seamlessly, the practical picture is one where the home security system is the center with a number of practical devices – such as light bulbs, thermostats, locks and video – being easily controlled all with the touch of a few buttons on your smart device.

In addition to home security, the show also saw a number of wearable technologies that are developing quickly and are designed to track your activity, such as, smart clothing that will replace a personal trainer and skin sensors that will let you know when you are ill.

The bottom line is the latest trending technology is all moving toward automation
– moving away from manual, people-based interactions that are used today. that!