There are far too many homeowners who overlook how important it is to have their mail held while they are going to be on vacation or out of town. The fact is that having piles of mail jammed into your mailbox can signify to would-be-thieves that you are away. The good news is that the USPS makes it quite easy to put a hold on your mail until your return. You can even schedule the hold 30 days before you are leaving.

Use one of these methods to ensure your mail is held while you are away.Full Mailbox

You can visit your local post office and request a PS Form 8076. Simply fill out the form and prior to leaving for your trip just check with your local carrier to ensure they received the hold request.

On the Phone
You can also contact USPS by phone to have your mail held. The representative you talk with will simply gather your personal information and then the date you want the hold to begin. When you call, you will receive a confirmation number so you can be confident that the hold will begin.

Arrange the Hold Online
Perhaps the most convenient way for you to have your mail held is by filing out the form online. Here you can also select if you want the accumulated mail to be delivered when you return, or if you would like to pick it up when you return.
Having your mail held will ensure that there is no indication that you are not home. This is essential since it could indicate to a burglar that your home is an easy target.