In this high-tech world, being able to keep your home completely protected is much easier than it has ever been in the past. Much more sophisticated than the overly-loud alarms that were used in the past, the home security gadgets today are discreet and offer tons of different features. They also require very little installation and many can be easily controlled with a Smartphone app. Some of the latest and greatest security apps you should check out are:

Ninja Blocks Ninja Blocks
This block would get the best of even the most skilled ninjas. This small device syncs up to various sensors installed on your windows, doors and other areas in your home. If motion is detected, the Ninja will send a text or make a phone call so that you can take the proper action.

Rovio – the Robot
If hiring a manned security officer is not in your budget, go for the next best thing – Rovio. Here you have a robot-on-wheels that will make the rounds in your home or business, detecting motion and recording any activity with a Wi-Fi enabled camera. You can access the video right through your Smartphone.

The Canary Security System
While this name signifies back to the days of the early devices used for carbon monoxide detection, this sophisticated system can do much more than just monitor for intruders. The Canary Security System features air quality sensors, humidity, temperature, a microphone and HD camera. You can place the device in a central location in your home and receive a call or text if there is any suspicious behavior.

Keeping your home and business safe just got easier and more efficient with these tech savvy gadgets.