The signals being transmitted by a number of leading fitness monitors and mobile phones via Bluetooth Low Energy are able to be easily monitored and recorded, according to a number of new studies.

Researchers from a consultancy firm studying cyber-security have developed a new app that will scan, detect and log wearable devices in an effort to show how simple it is to track the signals that are sent by these popular gadgets. According to the research, there are a number of people who wear the fitness devices, never realizing that they are constantly broadcasting and that the broadcasts are often attributed to a certain, specific device.
Wearable Tech Apps
With the use of cheap hardware or even a smartphone, it is possible to locate and identify a certain device – one that may belong to a senior business executive, politician or celebrity – up to 100 meters in the open air.

Once accessed, the information can be used for social engineering or as a portion of a physical crime or cyber-attack, since people’s movements will be known.

In 2010, BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) was first introduced for the apps that relied on the transmission of signals. The appealing factor of this new technology is that it worked without draining your device’s batteries. This technology relies on the identification of devices by their actual IP address; however, it was found that these don’t change. In many cases, the transmission will even include the name of the user or the specific device. It is estimated that by 2018 up to 90 percent of all smart devices will support the BLE technology.

What does this mean for you? Being aware of what is being transmitted is essential. This may be yet another way for would-be hackers and cyber-criminals to attack your personal information and even steal your identity. Just like any other security issue, being aware is half the battle.