Smart phones, smart devices and now, smart houses. While this is not necessarily a new concept, it is one becoming more and more mainstream. From automated security systems and convenience features, there are a number of ways to make your home “smart.”
Geofencing allows you to define various geographical barriers and then associate these barriers with specific automation actions. Essentially, it is a virtual boundary, where you can control almost anything related to your home in terms of electronics, appliances and security.

The technology can be used to set up a type of simulated field around your home, or even your neighborhood.

Now, you may be wondering what the benefit of this is?

When Geofencing is set up properly it will provide you with mobile alerts and allow you to manage household equipment. Some of the features include:

•    Know when loved ones come into or leave a specific area
•    Arm or disarm your security system
•    Adjust your cooling and heating units
•    Activate lights
•    Control your video surveillance

When you install a geofence you can sync your thermostat, security system, appliances and lights so they come on or become activated during certain times of the day, according to your family’s schedule. It can even provide automatic adjustments as family members exit or enter the set limits, as well.

No longer do you have to worry or wonder if you left the oven on or forgot to turn up the AC. You can arrive home late at night to a well-lit and safer home. This is beneficial for any size home, in any location and is a type of technology that will likely be mainstream in the very near future.