There have recently been a number of high-profile security violations. This makes many businesses feel uneasy regarding the security of their business, passwords, and secure or sensitive information. The good news is, there are eight tips that can be used to enhance overall password security and ensure no nefarious actions take place. Tech_Login

1. Don’t use a commonly hacked passwords, such as 123456, abc123, ninja, welcome, qwerty, etc.
2. Choose long passwords.
3. Create a complicated, but easy to remember password. For example, use the sentence “I drive a 1999 Nissan Pathfinder.” The password should be IDA99NP.
4. Don’t use the same password for every single device.
5. Create a set of simple rules to develop passwords and make sure employees use it as well.
6. Change your password often.
7. When it comes go Google, use the two-step verification process.
8. Use a free site to test your password, such as “How Secure Is My Password.”

Taking the time to create a secure password will likely save you from quite a bit of stress and hassle down the road.