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Benefits of Investing in Panic Bars for Your Office Building

If you have ever been in a shopping center, school or large office building, there is a good chance you have either entered or exited the facility through a door that has a panic bar installed. Panic bars can be a huge asset in emergency situations.

They consist of a spring loaded, metal bar and attached horizontally across the interior of the door. When pushed, the door is unlatched instantly, allowing fast and easy access out of the building with the door opening outward, rather than inward.

These are essential because in larger facilities or buildings if an emergency occurs, people tend to panic, running and crowding the exits. If the wrong type of doors are installed, it can actually do more harm in emergency situations, since a large group will be stopped from exiting, having to turn a knob or pull a door open. Panic Bar

This will reduce the speed of the evacuation and increase the chances of injuries due to falls, leading to a total, disorganized mess.

Some of the specific benefits offered by panic bars in your commercial space include the following:

  • A safer option
  • There are a large number of panic bar sizes and styles to choose from
  • They are an affordable option
  • Potential to reduce your insurance costs since building safety is enhanced

If your commercial facility does not currently have a panic bar installed at exits, it is a good idea to look into the benefits they offer now. This will make a building safer and easier to exit in an emergency situation.

Handy Gadgets to Prevent “The Case of the Illusive Keys”

Do you seem to always be searching for your keys? This is a common issue since keys are small and pretty easy to misplace. Also, when you carry them with you everywhere you go, you are bound to put them down and forget about them at some point.

If you are ready to minimize the stress that goes along with frantically searching for your keys, then you should consider purchasing one of the handy, key finding gadgets highlighted here.

The Stick N’ Find
This is the high tech gadget that will help you find your misplaced keys quickly. It is a GPS system designed specifically for keys. You attach the Stick N’ Find to your key ring and then download the corresponding app to your smartphone. If you wind up losing your keys, all you have to do is activate the app and you will receive a radar-type of map to find their general location. Don’t worry, it is password protected which means that no one else can use it.

The Tile Tile
This is quite the innovative little key finding device. While it has a simple design, it features a thin tag that holds an electronic chip. This chip offers GPS accessibility to show the exact location of your keys. It is similar to the previous device, but unlike that one it allows you to share the app with others. This will help you find the keys, especially if you leave them at a friend’s or family member’s house.

The Pixie
Considered one of the most precise of all the options of key finding devices, The Pixie is for those who want a pinpointed location to where they left their keys. While other devices provide a general vicinity for your keys, The Pixie provides a pinpointed location. You can also use the integrated camera and compass to actually see where you keys are.

With these devices, you never have to worry about misplacing your keys again. All you need is the key tracking device, a smart phone and Wi-Fi access and you can easily and quickly find your keys, no matter where they may be hiding.

Tips for Securing a Sliding Glass Door

While sliding glass doors are the ideal option for allowing natural light into your home and they offer architectural appeal to a structure, they can also present serious security risks. These risks are extremely different than the ones present with traditional steel or wood doors.

There are some homeowners who are well-aware of the risks related to these sliders, and as a result, they do not install them at all. However, there are a number of simple steps that can be taken to help ensure a sliding glass door is safe and secure.

There are three primary ways that a potential burglar gains entry through a sliding glass door, including:

  • By forcing or breaking the lockSafetybar
  • Lifting the door from its track
  • Smashing the glass

Now that you know the potential weak spots, it is important to know what you can do to prevent a break in.

Some of the most common tools used for preventing sliding glass door break ins include:

  • Safety bars: These extend from the rear edge of the slider to the frame’s edge. This prevents the door from sliding even a little, so there is no possibility of the intruder reaching or accessing the door’s locking mechanism.

  • Jimmy plates: These are long, flat plates that are installed over the frame of the door. This prevents the door from being lifted or rotated out of its proper position.

Some other security tips that you can add to your sliding glass door to make it more secure include adding a special film to the glass to make it harder to break, keep shrubs and other foliage at a minimum around the door, install motion lights and add an alarm that will go off if the sliding glass door is tampered with.

Implementing the safety and security tips here can help you prevent a break in through a sliding glass door in your home.

How to Evaluate Your Business’s Security System Provider

As a business owner, you likely know the importance of evaluating what is and is not working for your company on a regular basis. However, a critical and often overlooked area for evaluation is your security system. You have to consider a number of things. For example, is the service you have in place offering adequate protection at a reasonable price? If not, it may be time to find a new security provider.

Some questions you should ask when trying to evaluate your current security provider are highlighted here.

What will you do next?    
“Good enough” never lasts long. You need to ensure the provider you use fully understands the current security market and has plans to upgrade and enhance their systems as technology progresses. If they have no plans to upgrade your services, you are likely with the wrong provider.

Are you ready for mobile integration?
Most employees currently bring their phones to work. You may even use a number of apps to help enhance your business, such as document scanning and mobile credit card readers. The alarm and security company you use should not be any different. If they do not have a mobile app readily available, be sure you ask “why?” If they don’t have one being developed, you may want to seek services elsewhere. There are quite a few security providers that now offer apps that give you on-demand text alerts and live-streaming video monitoring.
Evaluate Your Security Service
Do you offer value-enhancement services?
An alarm system is only a single element of a bigger security package. When looking for a security system it is a good idea to find one that offers extra services to help ensure your business remains safe. Ask about pairing video cameras, access control and alarm systems.

Taking some time to consider the quality of your security provider will ensure you achieve the results you want from your system.

Security Loopholes Revealed in Several Smart Tech Apps

The signals being transmitted by a number of leading fitness monitors and mobile phones via Bluetooth Low Energy are able to be easily monitored and recorded, according to a number of new studies.

Researchers from a consultancy firm studying cyber-security have developed a new app that will scan, detect and log wearable devices in an effort to show how simple it is to track the signals that are sent by these popular gadgets. According to the research, there are a number of people who wear the fitness devices, never realizing that they are constantly broadcasting and that the broadcasts are often attributed to a certain, specific device.
Wearable Tech Apps
With the use of cheap hardware or even a smartphone, it is possible to locate and identify a certain device – one that may belong to a senior business executive, politician or celebrity – up to 100 meters in the open air.

Once accessed, the information can be used for social engineering or as a portion of a physical crime or cyber-attack, since people’s movements will be known.

In 2010, BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) was first introduced for the apps that relied on the transmission of signals. The appealing factor of this new technology is that it worked without draining your device’s batteries. This technology relies on the identification of devices by their actual IP address; however, it was found that these don’t change. In many cases, the transmission will even include the name of the user or the specific device. It is estimated that by 2018 up to 90 percent of all smart devices will support the BLE technology.

What does this mean for you? Being aware of what is being transmitted is essential. This may be yet another way for would-be hackers and cyber-criminals to attack your personal information and even steal your identity. Just like any other security issue, being aware is half the battle.

Against Access Control? Consider the Information Here

If you are on the fence regarding whether or not you should install an access control system for your business, there are a few things that you may want to consider. Prior to deciding if access control installation is right for you, take some time to mull over the information below.

Access Control can Boost Your Image
Issuing the credential for authorized users that require them to swipe a card or badge at a door or other entryway is not showing “disrespect” for your other visitors or clients. In fact, it is actually showing them that you care a great deal about their safety, as well as the safety of your employees. This can help give you a positive boost to your image that will impress your more important visitors. Commercial Card Reader

Access Control can Lead to an Increase in Productivity
Chances are you have found your employees gathered at the water cooler or in someone else’s workstation from time to time. You may have also discovered that a family member or friend stopped by to “chat.” What this means is that your employees work has completely stopped – costing you in productivity. However, when you install an access control system, it can help to ensure your staff remains productive while they are on the time clock.

The installation of an access control system is an extremely important decision for modern business owners. These systems are not right for all business types; however, there are a number of business owners who are doing themselves a great disservice by not considering the benefits that access control systems offer.

Automation, Apps and Access: How Technology is Making You Safer

In this high-tech world, being able to keep your home completely protected is much easier than it has ever been in the past. Much more sophisticated than the overly-loud alarms that were used in the past, the home security gadgets today are discreet and offer tons of different features. They also require very little installation and many can be easily controlled with a Smartphone app. Some of the latest and greatest security apps you should check out are:

Ninja Blocks Ninja Blocks
This block would get the best of even the most skilled ninjas. This small device syncs up to various sensors installed on your windows, doors and other areas in your home. If motion is detected, the Ninja will send a text or make a phone call so that you can take the proper action.

Rovio – the Robot
If hiring a manned security officer is not in your budget, go for the next best thing – Rovio. Here you have a robot-on-wheels that will make the rounds in your home or business, detecting motion and recording any activity with a Wi-Fi enabled camera. You can access the video right through your Smartphone.

The Canary Security System
While this name signifies back to the days of the early devices used for carbon monoxide detection, this sophisticated system can do much more than just monitor for intruders. The Canary Security System features air quality sensors, humidity, temperature, a microphone and HD camera. You can place the device in a central location in your home and receive a call or text if there is any suspicious behavior.

Keeping your home and business safe just got easier and more efficient with these tech savvy gadgets.

Is Your Landscaping Hurting or Helping Your Home’s Security?

Virtually every homeowner in America makes, at least, a little bit of effort to ensure that their home is safe from crime; however, there are some actions that you can take that may not be as obvious as others. When you think of home security, chances are you think of a home security alarm system. While this is an essential element of your home security plan, there are still a number of things you can do to enhance the security around your property, starting with the landscaping.

Use Your Landscaping as a Tool
While your landscaping can add a great deal of curb appeal to your home, it can also be used as a tool. The way that it is designed will help to determine if it is a tool to prevent a break in or to help an intruder. There are few homeowners who Residential bushesview their landscaping as a security feature,  because it is mainly seen as a hazard used by criminals. However, if you take some time to view the landscaping of your home from the street and then consider how it can help or hurt your home’s security, you are on the right path.

Place all Shrubs, Bushes and Trees Strategically
The bushes and trees you place on your property can help it look great, but the foliage may also provide an excellent hiding place for anyone who wants to commit a crime. Trees offer access to the second floors of your home and trellises and bushes can provide an intruder complete cover, even in the middle of the day. You should minimize anything that you have located close to your home.  The rule of thumb is 3’ or lower for bushes and adding prickly shrubs can be a good deterrent.

Add Plenty of Light
Lighting is a great deterrent for criminals. In addition to the typical pathway lighting, you should also consider adding floodlights that are motion activated and that cover areas such as your windows and doors.

When you think about how you can make your home safer, you should not forget about the landscaping. Even a few, small, changes can make a world of difference.

Gadgets to Increase Your Safety and Your Home’s Safety this Summer

There is no question that the summer months are on their way. While this means time on the beach, lake or river, it also means you will be spending more time away from home. In order to keep your home, and yourself, safer, consider utilizing the gadgets highlighted here.

A Fake Television
Did you know that burglars are much less likely to try and break into a home that appears vacant if they see a television going? The Fake TV will simulate the color changes and lights of a regular TV screen, making it look as though there is someone inside. You can protect your home and use much less energy than what it would cost to actually leave the TV running.

Find Your Stuff Stick N Find
Are you one of those people who lose everything? Chances are you may have already invested in devices to help you find your keys if they are misplaced, but did you know that there is a gadget for other items as well? You can keep track of all your belongings with the Stick-N-Find, which is a quarter sized GPS tracker that can send a signal to your smartphone allowing you to easily keep track of your belongings.

Pool Alarms
There are a number of devices you can use to keep your child safe indoors; however, the outside world is another story. Installing a pool alarm can help to minimize the chance that your child will fall into your pool and drown. There are all types of alarms available, so be sure to find the right one for your needs.

Keeping Your Home Safe While Away: How to Have Your Mail Held

There are far too many homeowners who overlook how important it is to have their mail held while they are going to be on vacation or out of town. The fact is that having piles of mail jammed into your mailbox can signify to would-be-thieves that you are away. The good news is that the USPS makes it quite easy to put a hold on your mail until your return. You can even schedule the hold 30 days before you are leaving.

Use one of these methods to ensure your mail is held while you are away.Full Mailbox

You can visit your local post office and request a PS Form 8076. Simply fill out the form and prior to leaving for your trip just check with your local carrier to ensure they received the hold request.

On the Phone
You can also contact USPS by phone to have your mail held. The representative you talk with will simply gather your personal information and then the date you want the hold to begin. When you call, you will receive a confirmation number so you can be confident that the hold will begin.

Arrange the Hold Online
Perhaps the most convenient way for you to have your mail held is by filing out the form online. Here you can also select if you want the accumulated mail to be delivered when you return, or if you would like to pick it up when you return.
Having your mail held will ensure that there is no indication that you are not home. This is essential since it could indicate to a burglar that your home is an easy target.