Hiring a babysitter and then leaving your children in their care is not something that should cause you stress or worry. However, the fact is that dangerous situations and accidents can arise and occur at any time. In these situations, you need to ensure that the babysitter you have hired knows what to do. Keep your child safe with the tips found here.
Babysitter Safety Tips
Be comfortable with the babysitter you hire.

The ideal situation would be to hire a family member or friend to watch your children. However, if this is not available, ask for referrals and see if the person has been certified as a babysitter by the American Red Cross. 

Be sure to give sufficient information to your babysitter.

Ensure that your babysitter is completely educated regarding what to do if any type of emergency situation is encountered. This includes providing a list of emergency phone numbers; the hotline for poison control; the child’s pediatrician information; where the first aid kit is located; the routine for your child at bedtime.

Install surveillance cameras for additional peace of mind.

There is no reason to constantly worry about your child while you are away. If necessary, install surveillance cameras inside your home so that you will be able to check in remotely from time to time to ensure that everything is going as it should.

It is important that you protect your children. By educating your babysitter, you can ensure they will be safe even while you are away.