Walking through any average office building you will find login passwords stuck to computer screens or sitting on desks. Much like leaving a key in the file cabinet, writing down a password provides a would-be-thief with access to a large amount of sensitive data. The good news is, thereā€™s technology now available that offers a solution to this, as well as a number of other security weaknesses that may be present in your business ā€“ biometric security.
Fingerprint USB
In the past, access to a secure building or a computer system was given based on something you had in your possession ā€“ a keycard, passcode, etc. However, the biometric security device uses a unique physiological characteristic, which is used for authenticating you.

There are a number of different forms of biometric technology, but the most commonly used is the fingerprint scanner in a laptop, used on a USB device and even integrated into portable storage devices. While there is also the option to use retina scanners, the fact is, not many businesses can justify the cost of these devices.