Keep Watch on Your Store from Afar: Business Video Surveillance

Employee theft and shoplifting have a detrimental effect on the profitability of a store. No matter if you are a small business or a large enterprise, it is important to keep track of the activities of the store to ensure the safety of your employees, your customers and your assets.

The Truths about Shoplifting
Commercial Security LockShoplifting can cost your business a significant amount of profits and may result in you having to downsize your staff; this can be detrimental to you and your workers. Consider the following facts:

•  Every one of 11 people shoplift but only one in 48 are caught.
•  25 percent of all shoplifters are children.
•  The type of stores that are targeted are not discriminated against.

Discovering Employee Theft
Even worse than theft from outside people, is employee theft. Even with reference checks and background screening, some employees will have the inclination to steal.

•  Up to 35 percent of all employees have stolen services or goods from their place of work.
•  The most common asset stolen is cash.
•  Each year, employee theft costs over 50 billion dollars in the retail industry in the U.S.

Security Technology and Loss Prevention
One of the best ways that you can mitigate your risk is by utilizing the technology that is available, which will serve as your eyes when you are away. Installing a combination of video and mobile surveillance will help prevent asset loss and promote a safer store environment while providing you with peace of mind.

No matter if you have gone out for lunch, or you are traveling around the world, video surveillance and mobile access will allow you to check in with your business at any time. Some of the benefits this provides include:

• Monitoring all employee behavior and identifying red flags at the point of sale.
• Enabling settings that will allow you to know if someone enters into a prohibited area.
• Ability to arm and disarm your entire system, adjust your cameral views and control the camera angles from any location.
• Record surveillance footage and then store them for use later.
• View real time video of your store while you are away.

Keeping your store or business secure is easy when you integrate the technology offered by video surveillance.

How to Turn Employees into Loss Prevention Allies

You can’t always do all the work of shrinkage prevention by yourself. But if you’ve got an updated security system and your staff on your side, it’s going to be very difficult for shoplifters and dishonest employees to steal from you.

Here are a few easy ways to enlist your workers in the fight against theft:

  • Reward employees who take a stanCommercial - teamworkd against theft. Whether it’s whistleblowing or catching a sticky-handed customer in the act, make it your policy to give back to the people who protect your company. Be clear ahead of time about the specific rewards you offer for their assistance, and let them know that you’re counting on them to help make the company successful, for everyone’s good.
  • Train employees on loss prevention issues. They need to be able to spot suspicious behavior a mile away. They also need to know exactly what to do (and what NOT to do) if they notice a shoplifter, or a co-worker carting items out the back door. An over-eager cashier can quickly endanger himself if he confronts a criminal the wrong way. And the situation can devolve into libel, false arrest, and other liability issues, without the proper procedures. Bring in a loss-prevention consultant, if you need a little help with training.
  • Treat your staff like valued team members. Employees who are paid fairly, appreciated, and included are much more likely to be on your side. Take the time to thank people often and sincerely. Anticipate needs and celebrate milestones. Find ways to have fun and eat together. The more you treat people like family, they more they want to succeed together.Loss prevention is a big task, but with a lock-tight security system and a great team standing by your side, you’ve got it made.