The popularity of the tablet has increased significantly and virtually everyone has or uses one on a regular basis. However, those who don’t have them, want them, which puts the tablets at high risk of being stolen. During the holidays, when many people are distracted or busy, it is prime time to steal tablets – but with a few tips this can be prevented.

Don’t Ever Leave the Tablet Alone
Besides in your own home, there is no safe location to leave your tablet, especially during the busy holiday season. You should not leave the tablet in your work cubicle, in your vehicle or at the dinner table in a restaurant. This is too much of a temptation for some, and your tablet can go missing quickly. Keep it with you and hidden at all times.
Use Password Protection
While there is no physical protection offered by a password, and it won’t stop someone from resetting the entire device, it can help ensure your data is not stolen. If you lose your tablet, rather than having it stolen, it may also be a good idea to have your contact information on the front – just in case an honest person finds it. There are some tablets that also offer the option for remote wiping, which may be a good idea.
Tablet Found
Use a Quality Locking Program
Take some time to do your research and install software or programs to lock the tablet if someone continually enters the wrong password into the device. This will help to protect your tablet from being used by someone who steals it.

Apps That Will Locate Your Tablet
There’s also several good apps that you can download that will locate your tablet once it is stolen. Just Google which one is best rated for your specific tablet.

Taking the time to safeguard your tablet will help ensure that you don’t suffer a loss this holiday season.