Burglar/Intrusion Monitoring

As the numbers of break-ins and overall crime continues to rise, people just want to feel safe and secure in their homes. That’s where we come in. For absolute peace of mind and true protection for your home, you NEED your home security system professionally monitored. We offer 24/7/365 first-rate burglar/intrusion detection services that provide your home with the best home security system protection on the market. Our monitored home security system gives you an immediate and swift response to the security or safety breach at hand.

By utilizing our burglar/intrusion monitoring services, you have our diligent Monitoring Center staff working 24/7/365, and immediately taking the appropriate actions when an alarm arises, including the notification of the proper authorities and your designated call list. In addition, you can be notified of the event and any action taken via fax or email. You can also control your security system at any time from your mobile device and/or tablet.

We also offer non-monitored security systems, however, the effectiveness of a non-monitored or stand-alone security system greatly depends on the cooperation of a commercial or residential property’s neighbors to call in the alarm. When triggered, the stand-alone security systems will provide audio and visual alerts, but they rely on someone locally to react and contact the relevant authorities to follow up and apprehend any burglars, vandals, thieves, intruders or attackers. Burglar/Intrusion Monitoring eliminates this precarious situation. 

Benefits at a Glance:

  • Lightning Fast Cellular Connection – Built-in 3G signal means faster response times – so you stay safer. Free cellular connection included – no phone line needed!
  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring – Expert monitoring specialists are constantly keeping an eye on what matters most.
  • Automated Mobile Control – You’ll have complete control over your home from a smartphone, tablet or laptop.
  • Homeowners Insurance Discount – 24/7 monitoring means a discount of up to 20% on your home insurance. Trusted by all major insurance companies.
  • Premier Fire and Smoke Detection – Faster smoke and CO sensors means faster response times in the event of a fire or gas leak.
  • Smash Protection – Monitoring station notifies the authorities even if an intruder smashes the keypad.
  • Power Outage Protection – Systems run on batteries that last up to 5 years. A powerful backup battery keeps you secure when the electricity fails.
  • Free Move Program – We’ll pack up your security system and re-install it wherever you go. Plus it grows with you: add more sensors at anytime.
  • Pet Friendly – All equipment comes programmed with pet sensitive technology.
  • Local Footprint – Our customers are located here in the Northwest so our company is located here in the Northwest.

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