Portland’s Security Resource Hotline

The only 24 hour security resource hotline dedicated to providing free safety and security information to consumers in the Portland Metro Area.


I’ve compiled a complete collection of the most dangerous security problems and how 99.9% of criminals can, and will slip through your system if you haven’t protected yourself properly! This is insider information that criminals and certain security installers would rather you not know!

Call 1-800-881-9045 and enter the report ID:

  • What You NEED to Know Before Installing a Surveillance System–Report ID# 1079
  • How To Get the Right System for Your Needs–Report ID# 1074
  • 13 Essential Tips to Keep Your Business Secure–Report ID# 1072
  • How to Keep a High Rise Building Secure–Report ID# 1075
  • 21 Ways to Cat Burglar Proof Your Home–Report ID# 1073
  • 10 Tips To Prevent Identity Theft–Report ID# 1078
  • 10 Tips To Deter Burglars While You’re On Vacation–Report ID# 1071
  • Inside Information On Where Burglars Enter Your Home–Report ID# 1077
  • How To Ensure A Safe And Sound Holiday Season–Report ID# 1076