We offer the following Security Services for Residential and Commercial Clients

Video Surveillance/CCTV Systems

Installing a CCTV system is like hiring a trustworthy, loyal and tireless business partner that never sleeps. We refer to the video surveillance systems that we install as ‘business partners’ for one simple reason: A properly configured CCTV system, installed correctly, is, indeed, your MOST trusted business partner. Your electronic business partner keeps a vigilant eye on your operations, key work processes and areas and entryways with 100% accuracy because, as you know, the camera never lies OR ever sleeps!

Security Alarm Systems

People are supposed to feel safe in their environments and feel that their assets are secure. Unfortunately, the rise in break-ins makes feeling safe in your own home or business difficult. You never know when some unscrupulous individuals will target your home or business to steal your valuables, vandalize your property, or infiltrate and attack those within. These thugs can be stopped dead in their tracks with the right security system. If you are looking for a reputable and reliable security company, that has installed enough alarm system wiring to make 2 round trips to the moon, and are looking for a trusted business that will deliver top-notch installations & upgrades, ALL within your budget, then you have come to the right place!

Emergency Medical Alert Systems

Remaining active throughout our lifetime is something everyone deserves. People shouldn’t feel confined to their own home, or have an immanent terror looming over their shoulder about a trip or fall. Unfortunately, you never know when you yourself or someone you may know, will need that extra help, with no one there to provide it. We are your local experts in providing round the clock emergency medical alert system monitoring, with our medical alert bracelet or pendant, which has helped countless husbands, wives, sons, and daughters all rest easy.

Burglar/Intrusion Monitoring

For true peace of mind and protection, for your residential or commercial property, you NEED a monitored security system. We offer 24/7/365 state-of-the-art burglar/intrusion monitoring services that will provide you with an invisible “ring of protection” around your property, and when tripped, will give you an immediate and swift response to the security or safety breach at hand.

Video Monitoring

We all know that you can’t possibly keep a vigilant eye on your property all of the time. That’s why we offer 24/7/365 state-of-the-art video monitoring services that are scheduled and customized for your exact needs. With live viewing and voice down commands for your key camera locations, you can bolster and reinforce your safety & security measures. Video monitoring is a great service for residences, housing developments, municipal facilities, hospitals & healthcare facilities, long term care facilities, retail establishments, industrial facilities, school campuses, daycare facilities…virtually any location.

Access Control Systems

Are your entrances and exits blowing huge holes in your bank account? Most property and business owners & managers concentrate their security and surveillance efforts on internal areas, such as, office spaces, manufacturing areas, and loading docks. Millions and millions of dollars of stolen goods move through commercial and industrial doors, in America, each and every year and the sad fact is that many property and business owners & managers do not monitor their own entrances and exits to see what kind of activity is taking place…a BIG mistake!