Video Monitoring

We all know that you can’t possibly keep a vigilant eye on your property all of the time. That’s why we offer 24/7/365 state-of-the-art video monitoring services that are scheduled and customized for your exact needs. With live viewing and voice down commands for your key camera locations, you can bolster and reinforce your safety & security measures. Video monitoring is a great service for residences, housing developments, municipal facilities, hospitals & healthcare facilities, long term care facilities, retail establishments, industrial facilities, school campuses, daycare facilities… virtually any location.

Using cutting-edge video and voice technology, our diligent Monitoring Center staff conducts remote patrols using your onsite CCTV video surveillance system in real time, coupled and integrated with our audio technology to provide unparalleled protection!

The Benefits of Video Monitoring

  • Voice-enabled camera technology provides a real physical presence and reinforces awareness that cameras are monitored on live patrols.
  • Voice-down technology allows both proactive and reactive prevention of crimes and any other undesired activity.
  • Both existing CCTV systems and design-build opportunities can work with cutting-edge communications technology.
  • Sophisticated contact center software allowing for customized accounts providing specific information, instructions, and requirements.
  • Customized interactive monitoring schedules set up for exactly when and where you want it.
  • Instantly send alerts and video clips to any device at any time.
  • Reliable, diligent, unwavering 24/7/365 service from our Command Center – we never show up late, get sick or cold, we’re never rude, and we can’t be intimidated!

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